Techfinancials for Binary Options

Techfinancials for Binary Options


There have been in this field three major software solutions established:

Binary-gearsSpot Option, TechFinancials and Tradologic. At least one of these three solutions leverage more than 90 percent of all binary options brokers, only the rest working with our own developments. House developments have advantages and disadvantages: One advantage is certainly the adaptability. Here, each broker individually decide which functions he wants to offer its customers. However, individual solutions are usually very expensive and inperformant because such solutions have evolved historically. In standard solutions usually flow best practices and experience a variety of brokers a rather needs of traders Show in this editorial, I will go to the standard solution TechFinancials.

Who or what is TechFinancials?
The TechFinancials Group is a leading provider of capital markets software solutions with registered offices in Israel, Cyprus and Japan that the Binary Options Broker OptionFair operates as a second division. To this end there as support within the Group TechFinancials society BO Trade Financials. The whole group currently employs about 100 employees (software and financial experts), it was established in Israel of 2009. First, they grew out of an Israeli software company, but soon the Broker OptionFair was established and for tax reasons (like many other binary options brokers) registered in Cyprus.

OptionFair platform

TechFinancials trading platform OptionFair:

Was quickly recognized the potential of the industry and began the solution as a white label to other brokers in the industry offer. This business model model also use the inventor of the other two standard platform solutions Spot Option and Tradologic. The TechFinancials Group is listed on the London Stock Exchange AIM. Brokers who use currently TechFinancials can customize the software in front of their own needs and are freely configurable. These adjustments relate to minor layout settings and partly technical features.

TechFinancials is used as a standard by a plurality of brokers Forex. With the great success Binary Options has since 2014 the trend has been established that even forex brokers offer trading Binary Options. With the solution of TechFinancials brokers are to be able to propose a bridge and use a unified platform for Forex trading as well as trading of binary options.

It arises in this collection, although a total of 100%, this does not mean that the various trading options exclude, that a broker only uses one of them – on the contrary. The Binary Options Broker use practically always several variations, but not all.

 When the event occurs

One of the greatest strengths of TechFinancials are the commercial types provided. So be. In the standard here 7 supports:

High / Low;
Above / Below
Touch Options
Touch Options in High Yield mode
Boundary in High Yield mode
Turbo Options

High / Low Options: With other brokers, these options are also known as call and put options. Traders rely on a rising or falling price of its underlying Online Scam security. When the event occurs, the trader receives a return that determines in this case the broker. The software is specifically not responsible for the returns promised the broker, but allows the backend with the varying yields. This can set the broker. He could Options promise returns of 85% in a difficult market for high / low, in a slight (clearly trending) market for example, 75%.